Obor RocScraper UTV Tires


If crawling over rocks and bumping into things is what you’re after, this baby has got the treads for it! Made with special compounds that will extend their life while making sure they don’t wear out too quickly on top of being tough as nails – these tires were made specifically to take everything nature throws at them (and then some).

Designed for extreme rock crawling and desert terrain.

Specialized rubber compound help extend tires tread life.

8-ply-rated radial construction, available size: 32” & 35”

Enlarged tread spacing on shoulder to improve traction and slide performance in desert terrain.

Stepped shoulder tread block design for better biting edge on rocks, and improve grip and traction during rock climbing.

New multi-level sidewall design improves puncture resistance and difficult terrain pass-ability with new appearance.

Low void-ratio in central tread design to increase tire continuity to improve handling and acceleration performance.

Specially designed stepped tread pattern increases tire rigidity and prevents stone inclusions.

Patented bridge design between tread blocks improves tire rigidity and riding comfort.

Diamond sidewall pattern improve climbing performance.


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SXS-32X10.00R15-8-WL31-ROC, SXS-35X10.00R15-WL31-ROC, SXS-37X10.00R15-WL31-ROC


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Size Chart

Size PLY TT/TL Overall Diameter (inch) Overall Width (inch) Tire Pressure (psi) Rim size (inch) Max Load (lbs) Tread Depth (inch)
32x10R15 8 TL 32.4 10.2 18 7.0AT 606 19/32
35x10R15 8 TL 35.1 10.5 18 7.0AT 737 19/32