Install Directions

KRX 1000 / TERYX 800  X-Grip Shifter –

When removing the original shift handle the bolt can be very tight and try to strip. CAREFULLY and AT YOUR OWN RISK use a soldering iron or wood engraver to make contact with the bolt, transferring heat to warm up the thread locker used at the factory. This should do the trick.

When installing the new shifter, please do not overtighten the bolt! Just snug it up good.

Teryx 800 Nerf Bars / Tree Kickers

Our Tree Kickers, like all others, require drilling into the outside support frame. Fitting both T2 & T4, they secure with (5) 10mm stainless steel bolts (included).

Once you receive the nerf bars you will see how simple they install. In your package will be a small pack of orange 10mm round stickers. They will fit perfectly inside the bolt holes of the nerf bars. Open the front/rear doors and remove the screws securing the floorboard to the tube frame. You should also remove the black plastic seat side covers (on the passenger side this is where your fuel tank is). Have your helper hold the nerf bars in place and place the orange round stickers centered inside the bolt holes so they stick to the frame. Remove the nerf bars and the orange stickers will be left indicating your drill locations. Locate the center of your orange sticker, for example draw crosshairs, to tap with a punch. Start with a smaller drill bit before upsizing to 13/32”. Make sure you hold your drill level. Use caution when drilling towards your fuel tank on the passenger side! Please message or call us with any questions. Reference pictures below.

Installation Tips for TRO Teryx Stock A-Arm Guards

The longer bolts are for the rear, short bolts in the front. Remove the factory plastic boot guards before installation. Check your front caliper clearances by turning the wheel all the way to the left and right while having a helper watch. You may need to shift the guard a little bit. TRO clear-back stickers are between the guards in the shipping package. Please reach out with any questions, we are happy to help. Thanks so much for your purchase!

Spike Powersports Teryx4 Fender Flares

Install instructions HERE

Spike Powersports KRX-4 Fender Flares

can be found HERE

Install Video from Dirt Road Life

  • SATV Arched Arm Guards
  • Mobile Phone Holder


If you have any questions please feel free to email or call 570-506-6070. We are happy to help you anytime.