Shift Handle – Teryx 800 / Teryx4


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Our Shifter for the Teryx 800 gives a more aggressive look to the interior plus added comfort and function to shifting.

  • Direct replacement, no modifications required
  • Smooth and comfortable; no sharp edges or corners
  • Feels like a quick shift due to the short handle
  • Stable temperature – does not transfer hot/cold temps to your hand
  • Includes stainless steel hex bolt (4mm hex wrench needed)
  • Fits all years of the Teryx platform
  • USPS shipping with tracking (Canada shipping available by request)

INSTALL TIP: When removing the original shift handle the bolt can be very tight and try to strip. CAREFULLY and AT YOUR OWN RISK use a soldering iron or wood engraver to make contact with the bolt to warm up the thread locker. When installing the new shifter, please do not overtighten the bolt.

What is TPU? Thermoplastic polyurethane, a super durable and flexible polymer that is the optimal balance between plastic and rubber, it has the best properties of both. The strength, impact resistance, and versatility make TPU the best choice for items like shoes, phone cases, drive belts, and power tools. These shifters have the perfect amount of “squish” offering increased comfort and ergonomics. See video on our FB page for demonstration.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in

Carbon Fiber Black, Black, Blue, Silver, Red, Orange, Green, Black TPU, Black/Green, Black/Silver, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Orange, Black/SkyBlue, Black/LimeYellow, Green/Black, Black/Purple



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